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Fun Team Mood Check-Ins

Quick team Check-Ins to help teams connect⚡️, support each other❣️ and perform 🚀

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Example of a Sprint Retrospective team mood check
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Instant Team Mood Boards

Create a new board for your team or project in seconds and start doing regular check-ins.

Image of multiple team mood boards:  Leadership Team, Product Development Team, Daily Check-in
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Use Emoji & Gifs to share feelings visually

Team members can easily express how they're feeling with emoji and Gifs organised by category

Image showing unlimited emoji to express how your teams feel: happy, sad, angry, unwell, busy stressed
Icon for Overall Team mood sentiment chart

Overall Team Mood Analysis

Teams can see their overall mood scores and track how they change over time.

Chart showing team sentiment tracked over time.

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How to run a Team Mood Check?

Checking in regularly with your team on how they're feeling is a great way to make your team happier, get an early warning on issues and boost performance!

Read our blog post on how to run a regular team mood check to make your team happier and more supportive of each other.

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Use multiple emoji to express complex feelings

Select multiple emoji for each attendee so people can express themselves fully

Image of multiple emoji used to capture team mood
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Secure Hosting & Encryption

MoodFirst is built on a secure hosting platform. All passwords are encrypted and all web traffic uses HTTPS.

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Mood Manifesto

Learn how to transform your organisation by putting people's feelings ahead of performance.

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