Niko is a Japanese word for smile and Niko Niko calendars are a great way to check how your team is feeling and ask if they need any support.

Just check-in with your team daily to ask them how they're feeling and check if they need any support.

You can download our Excel Niko Niko calender template for free using this link.

MoodFirst: Fun, Online Team Mood Boards

If you get tired of Excel spreadsheets then we  recommend using our online Mood Boards with unlimited emoji for teams to express themselves, smart phone access so team members can check in remotely as well as sentiment charts to track your teams mood over time:

Icon for multiple team mood boards feature.

Instant Team Mood Boards

Create a new board for your team or project in seconds and start doing regular check-ins.

Moodfirst feature image. Create multiple team mood boards.
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feelings feature

Unlimited Emoji to Express Your Feelings

Team members can easily express how they're feeling with a wide range of emoji with easy to understand categories.

MoodFirst feature image showing how team members can express
multiple emoji to describe their feelings.
Icon for Overall Team mood sentiment

Overall Team Mood Scores

Teams can see their overall mood scores and track how they change over time.

Chart showing team sentiment tracked over time.